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Which is Better, Sliding Glass Doors or French Doors?

Which is Better, Sliding Glass Doors or French Doors?

As you get ready to be outdoors more, now is a great time to think about patio door replacement. The right door can enhance your space while helping you spend less on energy bills year-round.

French doors and sliding glass doors are two of the most in demand options. But which works better with Idaho residences, sliding glass doors or French doors? Here’s how they stack up so you can pick the right solution for your residence.

French Doors

The most classic French doors have two swinging hinged doors. These doors feature expansive glass panes that provide a window-like style.

This model suits many types of residences, from traditional to historic. It’s also sold in folding and sliding styles for contemporary homes. If you have a wide doorframe, you can use personalization possibilities to use additional panes.

There are a few aspects to keep in mind when evaluating French doors:

  • View: They give one of the best views, especially when you buy an accordion option.
  • Customization: They’re fully customizable, from style to material and color.
  • Airflow: While they provide the most amount of ventilation when open, they don’t have screens.
  • Space: They consume a large portion of wall and floor area, which could be problematic for smaller rooms.
  • Furniture placement: Some models swing open, which affects where you can use furniture in your room or on your patio.
  • Maintenance: They could require adjustment over the years.
  • Cost: While your expense is related to material and customization selections, French doors are typically 20% more than sliding doors as a result of installation difficulty.

Sliding Glass Doors

While they most commonly come with two panels, sliding glass doors come with up to four panels. Two-panel is the most common style, with one that’s secured and another that slides on rollers. Four-panel is contemporary, with two fixed panels and two sliding panels.

With many customization styles to choose from, this reasonably priced patio door model can work with a wide variety of types of homes. Love the look of French doors but are on a slim budget or have a compact room? You can customize your sliding door with a wide frame or grille pattern.

Here’s what you want to consider with sliding glass doors:

  • View: They also give a broad view, however they may have a bigger frame and a smaller amount of glass than other French door styles.
  • Customization: They’re also highly customizable when it comes to material and color. Select Pella® sliding glass patio doors can be customized with grilles, in addition to between-the-glass blinds or shades.
  • Airflow: Sliding patio doors introduce a sizeable amount of airflow filtered by a screen. Certain Pella models can be customized with Rolscreen®, which tucks away the screen when it’s not being used.
  • Energy efficiency: They’re one of the most energy-efficient kinds of patio doors as they create a tight seal. Select Pella options have even been awarded ENERGY STAR® status.
  • Space: You won’t have to be concerned with where you place furniture like with hinged patio doors, since these doors open by moving horizontally on a track. This helps them save space. And with a large view and lots of natural light, they can make compact homes appear bigger.
  • Maintenance: The track on this door style needs routine cleaning and may require lubrication.
  • Cost: Sliding doors are the most reasonably priced type of patio door. Because they’re installed as a total unit, they’re typically lower-priced to replace than French doors.

Create Your Next Patio Door with Pella of Idaho

The patio door that’s best for your residence depends on your needs and budget. Our professionals at Pella of Idaho are here to help when it’s time to get a new one. Get in touch with us at 208-373-0002 or contact us online to begin now.

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