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Why French Doors Are Still in Style and How to Choose the Best Ones for Your Home

Why French Doors Are Still in Style and How to Choose the Best Ones for Your Home

Homeowners have had French doors in place of sliding glass patio doors for years. They’re highly customizable and pull in extra fresh air when open. When you need to get new ones, you may be concerned French doors are not in style anymore. These doors remain very much in style for 2021 and beyond. And here’s why.

1. French Doors Are Multipurpose Patio Doors

There are several different kinds of French patio doors. The most recognizable type has double doors that move inward or outward on hinges. This type draws in ample fresh air and natural light, making your home appear brighter and more spacious. If your doors swing inward, you’ll want ample of clearance and floor space for them to open totally.

Multi-panel patio doors are a contemporary choice that merges the most-loved features of French and sliding glass doors. Built with up to 10 panels wide to accommodate broad openings, multi-panel doors deliver the most light and fresh air of any patio door.

There are two different types of multi-panel doors, also called bifold doors, including:

  • Lift-and-slide panels, which stay in one spot until easily engaged on rollers.
  • Multi-slide panels, which slide to one side or in the middle.

Separate from other French doors, these multi-panel doors don’t require floor space when open because they stack against each other or tuck into a wall pocket.

2. French Doors Are Energy Efficient

Choosing an energy-efficient French door could help you save more on utility costs over the year. And keep your home comfortable year-round.

Pella has been a proud ENERGY STAR® partner since 1999. This means we’re devoted to producing energy-efficient doors and windows that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR certification in all 50 states.

Our pros make it simple to alter the energy efficiency for your replacement French doors. Some models are provided in dual- and triple-pane glass, as well as InsulShield®. This cutting-edge glass collection presents a variety of energy-saving options.

3. French Doors Can Be Customized to Enhance Your Home

Pella® French doors are easily customizable. Aside from glass options, you’ll also have various colors, finishes and grille patterns to compare when creating your doors. Devise the perfect design with Pella Architect Series®. Or customize your Pella Lifestyle Series French doors with integrated blinds, shades or security sensors.

Complete Your French Door Replacement Project with Pella of Idaho

Whenever you’re ready to begin planning your French door replacement project, our experts at Pella of Idaho can help. From helping you design the perfect patio doors for your house to our famous no-mess, no-guess installation day, we’re ready to help you from beginning to end. Get in touch with us at 208-373-0002 to get started today!

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